Maine Coons at Work:

Several owners of our cats stay in touch by sending us pictures of their pets enjoying life.  Maine Coons would tell you they are working.  Their owners would say they are showing off.  I will let you decide.

Cleaning Lady:



Snow Girl, a 10week old kitten likes to ride the Vacuum Cleaner and help with the daily cleaning. She is looking forward to taking her skills with her as she joins her new Atlanta family just before Xmas 2011.





Guard Duty:

Orlando is 3 1/2 years old and lives in Charlotte, NC.  Each year during Xmas, Orlando takes on the difficult responsibility of guarding the Christmas Tree.





When the Holidays are over, Orlando goes back to his regular job of  guarding the Laundry Basket.










Naturally, after a hard day at work, he has to take a Cat Nap.









Mac and Bear are two 3 1/2 year old brothers from the same litter and are brothers to Orlando.  They live with a nice family in Heathrow, Fl.  They are competitive and are always striving to win their owners affections.  Here they are doing synchronized posing during a picture taking session.

Mac & Bear




When given a chance, Mac also likes to impress his owner by demonstrating the “Stand-up-pose”












Of course, Bear counters with his “So, Mr. Dog-lover!, We meet again!"